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Specialty Wines and Foods: Music:
Godiva Chocolate's Home Page
Virtual Vineyards
Dean & Deluca
Finest Order weekly groceries online!
Tunes.Com CD shopping--listen to 30 secs of each song
CD Now CD's delivered to your door!
Favorite Catalogs & Stores:
Barnes and Noble Browse and buy--at home!
Amazon.Com Earth's biggest bookstore
Spiegel Catalog
Tiffany & Co
Sears Find out about sales and stores--no direct purchases though
Wal-Mart Purchase online
K-Mart  More purchases online
Joe Boxer It's not just about boxers...
Levi's Play games, check out the denim dictionary and the full list of 501!
Macy*s Send a certificate, order a few essentials...
Lands End Includes an overstocks sale
Red Envelope
QVC Shop

Carpoint Prepare for car shopping here, free estimates also provided
Egghead Software Hardware and software for all needs
Onsale Live auction of electronics and computer stuff--shop with care,
the excitement can get you!
First Auction The Home Shopping Network, online!

Crutchfield The standard in electronic equipment
The Sharper Image

Malls: Shopping for Kids' Things:
All Internet Shopping Directory Comprehensive collection of many, many
shopping sites!
Choice Mall A large collection of specialty items for sale
Empire Mall Some interesting things to buy
Internet Shopping Network Computer products galore!!
Online World Wide Mall A small number of stores, but great diversity
Biobottoms Get a catalog of durable, reasonably priced kids clothes
The Right Start Bringing specialty retail online
Chosen for Children Children's paperback books
FAO Schwarz Online Shopping for toys, toys, toys!
Parenting Concepts Best known for their baby carrier, Sling-Ezee
KB Toys

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